The Perl Advent Calendar 2018 Wants You

You should write an article for this year’s Perl Advent Calendar.

Yes, you. I don’t want some mythical Perl-guru who spends his days creating the Next Great Perl Framework, his evening refactoring the perl core, and stays up late at night trying to optimize his one-liners to use one less character. I want you to write an article. I want stuff from day to day Perl programmers. I want things from beginners who just picked up Perl for the first time last week and think “hey, this is a pretty cool thing”. I want people whose first language isn’t English and we can help edit the article to make it shine.

So yes, I really do want you to write an article this year.

And I want you to tell me right now that you’re going to do this, or at the very least by the end of September, by going to the Call for Participation website and filling out the form linked there. Quickly now! No time like the present! Do it now, before you get distracted by the next blog post and forget!

And thank you. It’s people like you that make the Perl community awesome.

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