Perl Advent Calendar 2014 Stats

The Perl Advent Calendar is finally done and dusted for another year (apart from the typo corrections - there are always typo corrections.)  Which is lucky, since I committed the last submission just two days before Christmas Eve. Let’s look at some statistics shall we? The advent calendar is a team effort:
  • Total articles: 25 (24 articles + xmas day)
  • Articles written by people than me: 13
  • Total number of authors (including me): 13
  • Number of Pull Requests For Typos (so far): 8
It’s big:
  • Total number of lines: 5,318
  • Total number of words: 27,323
  • Total number of graphics: 7 (including two animated gifs)
  • Longest articleChristmas Eve’s Article (an epic 745 lines)
  • Perl examples: 159
It’s Perl:
  • References to Perl: 171 
  • References to Moo/Moose: 38
  • References to PHP: 2 (in the example about finding and deleting all the php code)
It’s fun
  • References to Santa: 38
  • References to Elves: 44
So, maybe now I’m not writing 2,575 lines (12,310 words) into the advent calendar (and copy editing and adding content to the other articles) I can finally get back on the Perl Ironman bandwagon in time for new year? Jarvis, load my blog editor...

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