Coming To America

Big changes are afoot Not many people know this yet, but Erena, myself and the girls are in the process of emigrating. Yesterday I completed purchase of our new house in New Lebanon, New York, in the United States of America. Yes, this means that I'm going to be attending meetings even less than I did when I moved to Chippenham. One of the consequences of my move is a change of jobs. At the end of April I'll be leaving the wonderful Photobox and starting to do some work for the equally wonderful OmniTI. Photobox is a great place to work, with a world class Perl team. In the last four years I've worked for them I haven't complemented them enough. What other place can I work next to regular conference speakers? Core committers? People with more CPAN modules than I can shake a stick at? Perl Pumpkins themselves! To be blunt, if I was to stay in the UK I'd can't imagine I'd want to work anywhere else. It's been an interesting four years, seeing the company grow and grow and dealing with the scalaing problems - both in terms of the number of customers and the challenges of growing the team - and I've really enjoyed it. But new adventure beckons, and I needn't sing the praises of OmniTI to tell everyone here what great company they are and I'm going to be honoured to work with them. So, once I've completed the gauntlet of my Green Card application (which is scheduled to take many months yet) it'll be off with a hop, skip and a jump over the pond for a new life. Can't wait.

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